2021 Jordan McDowell Calendar

  • $32.25
  • $43.00

My 2021 calendars are awesome! Take 35% off no!

This was a goal of mine to create last year and I'm SO thrilled with how they turned out. I’ve received such great reviews I wanted to offer them one last time!

These calendars are perforated between the image and the calendar block allowing you to tear the image away and be left with an 8"x10" print to frame. Each calendar, therefore, comes with twelve 8"x10" prints! 

In an effort to provide you with as much versatility as possible I created a rotating calendar bound together with a removable gold clip at the top.  Every other month is vertical in orientation and the others are horizontal, allowing you to have a diverse arrangement of framed prints! All you have to do is unclip a month, rotate the calendar, and reclip! Tada!

14 inches x 8 inches (8x10 inch prints)